Kim Chong Hwan


The reason why a railroad is a railroad
is the fact which makes you unable to meet it
is so stubborn right now.
It has been raining all the time.
cooling down the railroad's heat
to enable its cast iron to endure till today.
Instead of tumbling down.
it has endured as a railroad, which means
the hope of the people who walked on it
has been depressing, heavy on their shoulders.
People did not start leaving for somewhere.
for something because a railroad was built.
Separated into two directions.
a railroad to the South Sea
and another to the ceasefire line
have each been divided;
crossing the Han River Bridge,
one goes to Inchon
and the other to Suwon.
In front of my feet still stuck to the platform.
the railroad is insisting, long, and dark.
exactly as hope has always been.
The fact that a railroad is a railroad means
we haven't yet given up the hope for
meeting somewhere in the long, long future.
A road is this long and this far
everywhere, anytime;
it means that earlier leaving
was that much more serious.
Meeting was prepared for before a road.
Getting close to my ankles
as I haven't left yet,
the railroad soon becomes
many welts of a whip in my heart.