Writers Association of Korea(WAK) is the representative organization of Korean writers. Its purpose is "to build the truly national literature on this land, succeeding and developing the spirit of The Council of Writers for Freedom and Practice which have endeavored to achieve the freedom of expression and the democratization of Korean society."

And it makes every effort not only to defend the rights and interests of Korean writers in this changing society, but to raise the status of Korean literature in the world through various kinds of international exchanges.

Presently WAK, registered as a corporation aggregate, has many committees such as Committee for Freedom and Practice and various departments of genres. Also it has more than 13 local branches organized since 1997.

Brief Chronology

Nov. 18. 1974 Establishment of "The Council of Writers for Freedom and Practice"

Apr. 24. 1978 First opening of "Evening for National Literature"

Mar. 20. 1980 Publication of organ magazine, Silcheonmunhak(Literature & Praxis)

Dec. 19. 1984 Reestablishment of "The Council of Writers for Freedom and Practice"

June 1986 First opening of "School for National Literature"

Sep. 17. 1987 Inaugural general meeting of "The Association of Writers for National Literature"

Mar. 27. 1989 Preliminary meeting for Conference of Writers from South and North Korea failed

Dec. 1. 1995 Publication of literary periodical, Jakga(Writers Opening Future)

Jun. 22. 1996 Juridically registered as a corporation aggregate

Jun. 5-6. 2000 6th event of "Talk with Writers of the World"

Jan. 2001 Contract of Cultural Interchange with Alliance of Vietnamese Writers